Nine Weeks to Writing Your Memoir





  1. Understanding the difference between a biography, an autobiography, and a memoir.
  2. Deciding what you want people to know—discovering who you are.
  3. Examining the main types of memoirs and what best fits your story.
  4. Defining and describing the characters in your memoir.
  5. Conceptualizing and outlining what you want to write.


PREQUISITES: None, textbook will be provided by instructor


LENGTH OF TIME: Ten 3-Hour Sessions


INSTRUCTOR: David Cariens


ABOUT THE INTSTRUCTOR: David Cariens is a retired CIA political analyst who teaches intelligence and crime analysis for the U.S. government and foreign entities. He teaches at the University of Richmond’s Osher Institute and was an adjunct professor at VCU’s Homeland Security Department.


Cariens is the author of A Question of Accountability: The Murder of Angela Dales and Virginia Tech: Make Sure It Doesn’t Get Out, an analysis of that rampage. His other books include, Critical Thinking Through Writing: Intelligence and Crime Analysis, Intelligence and Crime Terminology: A Glossary of Terms and Acronyms, A Handbook for Intelligence and Crime Analysis, and The America We All Want: Protecting Your Community From Gun Violence. Cariens is a contributing author to the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Agency’s textbook, Criminal Intelligence for the 21st Century. He the director of the Writers Guild of Virginia.


TIME, DATE, AND PLACE: To be announced. If interested, send us a message using the contact form and we will put you on the list.









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