Introvert Marketing


Most writers, including me, are introverts. Nothing drives us into a panic like the idea of getting up in front of a group and talking about our book.

In this 3 hour course, we’ll talk about getting over stage fright. More importantly, we’ll talk about non personal appearance possibilities including:

  • Building a free internet newsletter forum
  • Podcasts and video chats with your audience
  • FREE internet resources
  • How to do a video or virtual book launch
  • Setting up giveaways
  • Rewarding your readers
  • …and more!

Instructor:  Jeanne Johansen is founder of High Tide Publications, Inc.

Prerequisites: Must have working knowledge of using a computer to compose and correct text. Users must bring their computer to class.  We will be setting up a variety of free resources for you to use at home in your writing cave.

Length of Time: 3 hours. This is a hands-on class. Do not bring your pet lizard to class.

Instructor: David Cariens whose specific experience with blogging includes:

Date, time and place: to be determined. If you are interested, please send us a message using the contact form on this website and we will place you on the list.

Maximum of ten participants.

Cost: $30.00 non-Guild member; $15.00 Guild Member





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