About the Writers Guild of Virginia


also gild  (gĭld)



a. An association of persons of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect mutual interests and maintainstandards.
b. A similar association, as of merchants or artisans, in medieval times often involving apprenticeship and journeyman levels where one developed their craft with the help of a mentor.

Looking for a place to learn, grow, and work with other writers while developing your craft?

Do you need a push and structure to write your memoir?

Are you interested in techniques to market your book?

Have you had problems learning the nuances of computer generated manuscripts?

We would welcome to opportunity to help you achieve your goals.

Writing is a craft, and requires well honed skills in order to accomplish your objectives. Our instructors are all professional writers who know what it is like to navigate the changing world of writing. Whether it is the technical aspects of preparing a manuscript or finally writing your life story, we are here to help you build your skills and achieve your goals.

Please browse through our website to look at our workshops. Investigate membership in the Guild.

We hope to see you soon!